Lashes & Brows
  • Eyebrow Tint – £10

    (Bespoke colour mix for each client, helps darken and define the brows. Also great for picking up tiny blonde hairs making the brows appear fuller!)

    **Patch test required 48 hours before**

  • Eyelash Tint – £15

    (Most people will go black or blue/black so it looks like you have mascara!)

    **Patch test required 48 hours before**

  • The Brow Project – £20

    (A bespoke treatment personalised to each individual. We will work on getting that perfect brow! Includes wax, tint, thread, tweezers and scissors.)

    **Patch Test Required 48 hours before**

  • Individual Extend Lashes – £45

    (Using the 1-1 technique, one lash is applied to each of your individual lashes. Great for length, very natural! Infill needed every 2-3 weeks, last up to 3 months)

  • Individual Extend Lash Infills – £28

    (Infill required every 2-3 weeks to fill out any lost lashes. Please Note I will only infill lashes applied by myself)

  • Individual Express Lashes – £30

    (Instead of the 1-1 lash technique, these lashes can go inbetween the natural lashes creating a much fuller look! These last around 2 weeks before a fresh set is applied)

  • Lash Removal – £15 (free with new set)

    (Removal of lash extensions- Please Note I will only remove lashes that have been applied by myself)

  • Lash Lift (Includes Tint) – £35

    (This is one of my most popular treatments! Your natural lash is lifted and appears more volumised and lengthened due to different serums, includes a tint! Lasts up to 8 weeks!

    **Patch test required 48 hours before**)